Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Window Shopping


  1. This is awesome! I feel so sad that we aren't able to be there with you guys but we will always be a part of the Shops@25 West family.
    We will actually be back for a short stay later this month.
    Amber of Les Lavande/Persnickety Chick Designs

  2. Very cool!
    The booksigning was a success tonight.

  3. Barbara Johnson, The Parson's WifeNovember 19, 2009 at 8:22 PM

    Love the BLOG..the pictures are up to date and captured The Shops. As a shopkeeper there I will be adding sterling jewekry weekly to my line of country wares old and new...Come visit The Parson's Wife who like Santa is gearing up for the Holidays!

  4. Great pics...looks wonderful.

  5. Thank you Christina for creating this and Welcome all to The Shops at 25 West Blogsite!I will be doing FREE 3 Min Makeovers for The Shops Holiday Open House Sat. December 5th 10AM-5PM - come Play!
    Christine of Faces of Astarte

  6. This just keeps getting better. Very nice job!

  7. Christine you are a magician...The photos are fabulous. Who needs to shop anywhere else! I will be adding new things weekly throughout the holiday shopping season. As soon as I get my next shipment of balsam and incense, I will get some more balsam pillows out there at Fancy Notions. We all owe you one or two....or more..
    Many thanks, The Bag Lady (Barbara Benjamin)


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